Fly2play tours to Georgia


Indeed, Georgia is a beautiful and very attractive country. It seems to us that it is so close and so well known to us that when choosing where to go for a vacation, we rarely consider it as an option. And very in vain. After all, buying last-minute tours to Georgia, you «doom» yourself to a lot of new impressions and emotions. After all, Georgia can surprise a lot of people. Beautiful majestic Caucasus mountains, ancient monasteries and villages that are lost in its majestic valleys, unique original culture and delicious national cuisine– all this is Georgia! And if you decide to visit this country, you will certainly not regret it. And we will try to provide you with interesting and necessary travel information, as well as choose the most recent tours to Georgia.

The climate in Georgia in the west is subtropical. To the east, it changes to moderate. On the coast of the country, it is moderately hot in summer. So it is at this time of the year that a vacation by the sea in Georgia is what you need. In the rest of the year, you can come here on excursions. In winter, the ski resorts of Georgia open their arms. By the way, snow sometimes lies here until the end of March.

The country’s transport system is developed and diverse. You can get to any locality in Georgia by bus or minibus, which is called «samarshruto» there. This is the most convenient and popular mode of transport. She leaves when all the seats are filled. So it makes sense to travel in the morning. In the evening, you can not wait for the entire minibus to fill up and not leave at all. Trains run between large cities. Georgian Airways also operates flights. In the capital, it is most convenient to travel by metro or buses. You can also rent a car. To do this, you need an international license and a credit card. Although this service is not very suitable for a budget tourist. What should we do in Georgia? It’s more complicated here. After all, the choice is so great. First, you need to refresh yourself. The diverse and rich cuisine of Georgia will definitely not leave you indifferent. It is worth visiting a real Georgian feast with its endless toasts at least once in your life. And the wine! It is worth trying at least a dozen of its varieties. Definitely home-made! And chacha. Just do not mix them in any case. Georgian cuisine is famous for its meat dishes. Kebabs, henkali,chahohbili, tobacco chicken, ojakhuri, chakapuli… Intrigued? Also in Georgia, various types of flatbreads with cheese are popular: khachapuri in Adjarian, Imerian, Penovani, achma. Of the sweet pastries, the most famous is kada. And in general, all pastries in Georgia are called namcxvari. And when you have already refreshed yourself, you can explore old Tbilisi or Batumi, or go to Borjomi. It is worth climbing high into the mountains to experience the life of the Georgian mountaineers who have lived there for centuries. See the oldest villages, temples, observe the customs and lifestyle of these people. Do not ignore the rock monasteries of Vardizia and Gelati. These are simply masterpieces of ancient architecture. Also a suburb of Tbilisi, Mtskheta. The beauty of the local scenery will not leave you indifferent. And when the holiday comes to an end, you should think about souvenirs. From Georgia, you can bring a lot of things: carpets and rugs, daggers and wine containers with precious stones, shawls, leather goods, spices, cheeses, wine and chacha. Choose what you like. But never forget that in order for any vacation to be a joy to you, it must be planned.